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CamExplore - University of Cambridge

Rethinking Targeted Engagement

Client: University of Cambridge

Date: 2013 – Present

Need: Like every university, Cambridge has thousands of prospective student visitors each year.  All of them want to understand the Cambridge offer and student experience, navigate the unfamiliar campus, and decide whether this is the right university for them. Cambridge already had a comprehensive website, but this was not designed to address the needs of on-site visitors.

Response: We worked with Cambridge to map the student  journey and understand the wayfinding and location-based information needs of Open Day visitors: What they wanted to know, where, and what formats would be most engaging.

Learning:  We helped Cambridge University make best use of the time that prospective students spend with them.  Users are empowered with information that is Relevant, Accessible and Engaging (link to Magic Equation page).

CamExplore generates more than 200,000 page views during Open Days.

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