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Meet the Team

Mike on curating the mundane

Make sure your volume is on: "Curating the trivial"

Show transcript

My name is Mike – I was one of the people working with City-Insights from the very beginning…and one of the founding ideas when we set up City-Insights was to make information more readily available to people at the place and at the moment when they need it.

And what I would like to see going forward is that in our daily lives even the trivial information that we want has been curated and has been made available and we can get to it straight away on our phones without having to stop someone, ask someone, google it, go onto YouTube to see if anyone has made a video about it.

I feel that in terms of living in the digital world and living in a world of free information we really haven’t even started yet.

An example of this would be if you rented a car, if you had not driven that model of car before. There are a number of things you want to know. For example, when you get to the petrol station, about how to release the petrol cap. And probably no-one told you that, and you need to know that information within a few seconds.

I’d like to think that if you could scan a code on the petrol cap or inside the car it would come up with the ten things you most need to know about how to fill it with fuel, how to turn the lights on and off and so on, and you would have that information in your hands straight away.

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